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Comprehensive Alcohol & Drug Treatment

Day/Night Treatment

Day/Night Treatment is also known as Partial Hospitalization and offers our clients over forty hours of clinical treatment each week, while they live in a separate housing component.

Intensive Outpatient / IOP

In IOP, the client continues with clinical therapy while being offered life skills, employment assistance and resume building programs to prepare them for a sober life in the real world.


This form of follow-up care is a maintenance program and ensures that our clients are transitioning well back into the community and following up with all aftercare recommendations.

Trauma Resolution

A critical piece of the puzzle in the journey to long term recovery comes through addressing not only the symptoms of addiction, but the traumatic experiences that have fueled them over time.

Faith Based Program

For many who suffer from alcoholism and addiction, a faith-based approach to treatment can be one of many critical keys to achieving long term sobriety.

Family Wellness

We understand that addiction is a family disease. Our family wellness program is designed to help families cope with and heal from the devastation that addiction causes.

Continued Care

We operate as a long-term care facility, which means we go beyond 42 days via lower levels of care to encourage long-term sustained sobriety.

Admissions Guidance

Our dedicated staff members are available around the clock to answer your questions about admission to our facility.

Why are we right for you?

We are dedicated to ensuring that every person that contacts us is guided through what will become a path of recovery. Foundations Wellness Center was founded by partners that are all in recovery themselves and want to give back to help the next struggling alcoholic or addict.

We are a small, personalized treatment center that focuses on each unique case that comes our way. Each person that comes through our program is an individual and we ensure that they are treated like one. There is no one size fits all when it comes to a program of recovery and our staff understands that through collaboration we have to find what works for each person.

Long Term Care- The different phases of our treatment program ensure that this is not a two week or 30 day process. Individuals going through each level of care can remain with us for months following the initial admission into the program. Success in recovery often doesn’t happen overnight, and we want to ensure that our clients stick with the program until “the miracle” happens for them and long-term sobriety is achieved.


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