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Family Addiction Program

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Family Addiction and Enabling

A Message to Parents

Most parents will do just about anything to keep their children out of harm’s way – but communicating with them becomes more of a challenge as they get older. This is why it is crucial to talk to your kids about alcohol and drug abuse early on. It is a discussion that you MUST have – drug & alcohol abuse can ruin lives.

Each year, millions of young adults and teens try alcohol, marijuana, or other drugs for the first time. Most of them end up getting away with it without any real consequences. They don’t wreck their cars and they don’t develop a dependency right away. But a significant portion of them WILL – and the consequences can be detrimental.

The good news is that you CAN keep your children from becoming a statistic. This is done by simply being involved in their everyday lives. Engage in honest conversations with them and always practice what you preach.

The unfortunate reality is that some parents, despite their best efforts, WILL have a child who develops an addiction of some kind, whether it be drugs or alcohol. By no means does that imply that the parent or child has failed. Playing a role in the recovery of an addicted child is just one of the challenges many modern day parents have to face.

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Foundations Family Wellness

We understand that addiction is a family disease. Our family wellness program is designed to help families cope with and heal from the devastation that addiction causes. While our treatment is focused on the individual suffering with the addiction, we believe that to truly heal, the family needs to be involved as well.

The severity of the devastation that addiction has are the same for everyone, it just affects an addict differently than it would an addict’s mother, spouse, or child. Therefore, while the addict is a client of ours, we encourage family members to participate via phone calls and scheduled visits to be a part of the recovery process and to also learn best practices for helping keep the addict sober.


Family Wellness in Treatment

We offer this treatment track for the following levels of care:

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