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Project Description

Long Term Treatment

extended care for addiction and alcoholism

Long Term Treatment at Foundations

We operate as a long term care facility, which means we go beyond the traditional 30 days of inpatient treatment. We do this by offering additional lower levels of care to encourage long-term sustained sobriety. We recommend that clients begin with inpatient, which has around-the-clock medical care and is the most intense program we offer.

Once they have graduated from inpatient, we recommend that they step down to intensive outpatient, which allows the client more freedom. Treatment at the outpatient level can last anywhere from an additional 30-90 days, bringing the total scope of treatment to 120 days or even more in some cases.

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Stepping Down from Inpatient Treatment

Clients who have stepped down into the intensive outpatient program attend between 9 and 21 hours of treatment a week based on the client’s personal needs and the treatment track they are assigned. Intensive outpatient continues the client with clinical therapy including group and individual therapy sessions with a primary therapist as well as offering life skills, employment assistance and resume building programs to prepare them for a sober life in the real world.

Outpatient is the final phase of treatment, which offers 1-3 hours of clinical treatment a week. This follow-up care is a maintenance program and ensures that our clients are transitioning well back into the community and following up with all aftercare recommendations.

Clients still see a therapist for individual sessions and maintain accountability to the treatment program. During this stage our clients are encouraged to become active members in our alumni program, ensuring long term sobriety.

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Long Term Treatment Tracks

We offer several unique approaches to treatment depending on the specific needs of each client.

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