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Faith Based Program

For many who suffer from addiction, a faith-based approach to drug and alcohol treatment can be the key to long term sobriety. In our Christian track, we guide our patients through the process of releasing shame and guilt by accepting God’s unconditional love, and that forgiveness is given to those who seek Him and are willing to change.

The Alpha Series

The Alpha Series is a Christian counseling program written by John Glenn that specifically addresses issues experienced by those who suffer from addiction and alcoholism. Combining Christian principles with the 12-step approach to recovery, the Alpha Series offers a unique and insightful course that is both educational and introspective to those enrolled in this program. The Alpha Series also includes a workbook that provides students with meaningful exercises and assignments designed to help strengthen their relationship with God and gain new perspectives on how to live as a Christian in recovery.

Faith-Based Treatment Program Benefits

  • Individualized treatment planning based on religious and spiritual needs
  • Exploration of family dynamics, internal/external relationships, and relationships between higher power and self
  • Analysis of misunderstood religious concepts and the “blame” of God for wrongs in one’s life
  • Open topic discussions that are specifically tailored to the needs of group members

Participation in our Christian Track

Clients at Foundations Wellness Center who opt-in to the Christian substance abuse track will make a commitment to attend weekly programming and will have access to the following:

  • Christian based pastor for bible studies, religious exploration, bias and faulty religious formation exploration
  • Celebrate Recovery meetings on Monday nights in Port St. Lucie, FL
  • Attendance at non-denominational Christian church on Sundays
  • Weekly Alpha Series courses presented by recovered addicts and alcoholics taught directly by John Glenn

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