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Trauma Resolution

For many addicts and alcoholics, the struggle with substance abuse can be attributed to traumatic experiences from an individual’s past. A critical piece of the puzzle in the journey to long term recovery comes through addressing not only the symptoms of addiction, but the painful experiences that have fueled them over time.

Core Healing – Trauma Resolution Track

Foundations Wellness Center incorporates a trauma resolution track in our program designed to assist our patients with overcoming the traumatic events of the past, enabling them to benefit more from our addiction treatment program as a whole. The Core Healing program provides each patient with the opportunity to participate in confidential, individual therapy sessions with our trauma specialist during his or her stay at Foundations.

Benefits from Trauma Resolution at Foundations

  • Resolution of trauma related to anything and everything sexual in nature
  • Allows open reflection, peer support, and promotes healing
  • Exploration of sexual traumas to alleviate stigma
  • Client moves from the victim to survivor mentality
  • Pre and post testing – identifying reduction in anxiety and PTSD symptomology
  • 24 hour support and peer support; access to resources and services
  • Access to the Inner Truth Project founder and survivor Mindi Fetterman
    • Can continue with Inner Truth in community for 6 month to 1 year of more

Canine Emotional Therapy

  • Use of canine emotional therapy supports to allow open exploration and processing of trauma
  • Canine fosters atmosphere of safety and comfort in the one on one setting
  • Client can feel at ease organically without reliance on medications to delve into past events and barriers
  • “Seeking Safety” – Empirically based and research driven interventions available
Trauma resolution addiction treatment canine therapy

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