Elizabeth Demich (KJ)

Recovery Specialist

KJ’s journey of recovery began 14 years ago. Since that time, she has dedicated her personal and professional life to encouraging and empowering people with addictions and co-occurring mental health issues to change and heal. KJ’s career path reflects her passion for both addiction and mental health and covers a diverse range of environments. During her time with the Public Defender’s office and Martin County Jail as a substance abuse counselor and client advocate, KJ gained extensive experience navigating and managing the challenges many addicts and individuals with mental health issues face in the legal system. KJ furthered her knowledge in this area when working within the mental health forensics sub-field. KJ’s spirituality has been an integral part of her recovery and led her to become a Program Director for Alpha Ministries.

As a group therapy facilitator, KJ engages clients easily and her charismatic and enthusiastic style assists them to face challenging truths while beginning to believe in their own ability to succeed. Central among the many unique gifts that KJ brings to Foundations Wellness Center and its clients are a passionate and realistic approach to the 12 Steps and the professional and personal experience to assist clients in overcoming common difficulties they’ll face as they embark on their new recovery journey.

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