Jessica Malley, MS

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Intern

Assistant Clinical Director

As a Master’s level Therapist, Jessica’s greatest passion is empowering others to transform and improve their lives. In pursuit of this passion, she obtained her Master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Georgia State University in 2010. Jessica was honored by The Association for Specialists in Group Work (ASGW) in 2008 when she received the Emerging Leader Award prior to completing her Master’s degree program. Striving to lead with integrity and humility, Jessica’s early career in the mental health profession focused on working with under-served and stigmatized populations including trauma survivors and individuals within the LGBTQ+ community, among others. Jessica’s transition to the substance abuse field proved to be a natural progression in that regard, as addiction and the individuals it impacts continue to be the target of shame in society today. Jessica’s holistic therapeutic approach includes a range of therapy modalities such as DBT and CBT and offers the advantage of taking into account her clients’ entire history. By adopting this approach, Jessica is able to work with clients to identify and address underlying issues that may serve to exacerbate the continuation of addiction and the chronic relapse cycle.

In addition to her work with clients, Jessica serves Foundation’s clinical team by using her extensive experience to collaborate with the Chief Clinical Officer in creating innovative programming offering Foundation’s clients a comprehensive approach to wellness as well as assisting with the training of clinicians and interns. It is the synthesis of innate talent, professional training, real world experience, and a genuine passion for service that combine to make Jessica a uniquely gifted therapist who is deeply committed to the pursuit of assisting clients to overcome obstacles, transform their lives and achieve their goals.