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Family Wellness

No matter who you call family, they too want to see you healthy, happy, and whole. We think they deserve the same.

You may not remember what you said to a parent, partner, spouse, sibling, child, or friend while under the influence, but they remember how it made them feel. Addiction touches everyone. That’s why we offer family wellness, allowing everyone who matters the supportive forum to truly heal.

A Message to Parents

Like most parents, you will do anything in your power to protect and comfort your children. However, communicating with them becomes harder and harder as they mature. For this reason, it is essential to talk to your kids about the risks of substance abuse early on in their lives. This is a critical and ongoing discussion. Using drugs and alcohol can devastate lives.

The truth is that, each year, millions of young adults and teens try alcohol, marijuana, or other drugs for the first time. Most of them won’t become addicted or end up in dire situations (such as wrecking their cars, for example). Yet, a significant number of young people will experience problems, often with detrimental, life-altering consequences.

We’re here to tell you that you can prevent your children from becoming a statistic. Simply being involved in their everyday lives and being a positive example can show them how to stay free of addiction and trouble. Sit down with them and talk honestly and openly. However, it’s important that you practice what you preach.

Sadly, some children will develop a drugs or alcohol dependency despite their parents’ best efforts to keep them safe. That does not indicate that the parent (or child) has failed. Helping an addicted child recover from drug or alcohol dependency is a tough challenge that many parents have to face in today’s world. But there is hope.

Foundations’ Family Wellness

At Foundations Wellness Center, we understand that addiction is a family disease. When one family member goes through a crisis, it is felt by the entire family. The individual may feel scared, frustrated, and hopeless, but so do their concerned family members and friends.

Our treatment is focused on the addicted individual, but for the client to truly heal, the family needs to be involved as well. Family involvement and support in the healing process can significantly improve the chance of recovery.

The addiction’s devastating severity afflicts everyone, it just affects the individual differently than it would their parents, spouse, or child.

As such, while the client is enrolled in our treatment program, we actively encourage family members to participate via phone calls and scheduled visits, to be a part of the recovery process. This familial support system will also learn the best practices for keeping the client sober.

Within the program, families will also learn how to cope with and heal from the addiction’s devastating effects. Foundations’ family addiction treatment explores the disease of addiction and how it affects the entire family.

Throughout the family addiction program, we help families understand addiction and begin to identify the dynamics within the family that may contribute to ongoing addiction or hinder recovery. We do so through services geared toward overcoming addiction with the help of family members.

Foundations’ Family Addiction Program

Foundations’ Family Addiction Program includes:

  • Guidance for better communication between family members and loved ones
  • Private group therapy sessions with family, partners or friends
  • Open communication in a supportive environment
  • Family-oriented therapy and support
  • Learning the skills to overcome addiction and rebuild a better life
  • Learn different methods to cope with the difficulties of addiction recovery

Your family doesn’t have to bear the burden of overcoming a loved one’s addiction alone. Our family addiction program is your lifeline for recovery support. We welcome any family member, partners, and close friends with whom the person in treatment approves of being part of the process.

Benefits of Family Wellness

  • Explores the addiction and its effects on the entire family
  • Families learn how to cope with and heal from addiction’s devastating effects
  • Families learn the best practices for keeping their loved one sober
  • Improves the chances for the client’s recovery through family support
  • Identifies the family dynamics that may contribute to ongoing addiction or hinder recovery
  • Resolves behaviors that are not conducive to healthy conversations
  • Strengthens family relationships by encouraging open, healthy communication
  • Sets healthy boundaries and realistic expectations going forward
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