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Trauma Resolution

Once you identify the real root cause for addictive behaviors, the path towards recovery opens wide.

Letting go of a painful past isn’t easy. Many people remain stuck there, not because it’s beneficial. But there is comfort in repeating negative circumstances, if it’s what we know. Together, we pinpoint the sources of pain so you can finally move forward.

What is Trauma Resolution?

Many individuals who struggle with substance abuse can attribute their addiction to personal traumatic experiences from their past. Traumatic events may include military combat, physical or sexual assault, serious accidents, or any other upsetting event either witnessed or experienced.

In some cases, individuals develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a mental health disorder which is commonly linked to substance addiction.

It is also important to note that each individual’s trauma is unique and painful experiences are wide-ranging. Trauma can refer to many different experiences. Trauma doesn’t have to be a violent situation in the past, it may also stem from something as simple as middle-child syndrome or a parent liking another sibling better.

Whatever the trauma, it can trigger a mental health disorder that is very difficult to overcome, and some individuals resort to substance abuse as a coping mechanism.

Fortunately, mental health disorder and addiction are treatable by following a trauma resolution track. Long term recovery can be achieved by not only addressing the symptoms of addiction, but also the painful experiences that have fueled them over time. So it is crucial to address the source of trauma to prevent further psychological and physical damage.

In our treatment resolution program, our counselors work with the client to discover and address the source of their feelings through the evaluation process. Addiction recovery is made much easier if those painful memories are able to be resolved. This allows clients to acknowledge the roots of their feelings and to receive help on coping with them healthily, without resorting to dangerous substances.

How Trauma Resolution Works

Foundations Wellness Center includes a trauma resolution track designed to help our patients overcome the traumatic events of the past. This enables them to benefit more from our addiction treatment program as a whole.

During their participation, patients take part in confidential, individual therapy sessions with our trauma specialist in a safe and controlled environment. The goal is to desensitize the patient to the traumatic event by facing and working through the memory.

Foundations Wellness Center uses a combination of therapies for effective trauma resolution.

The ultimate goal of trauma therapy is to make clients feel that past experiences can longer hurt them in the present. It is important to bear in mind that trauma resolution is a not a one-time fix. However, the programs offers clients the skills they need to cope with their pain in a non-destructive way, free of addiction. Working through traumatic events of the past is part of the healing process.

Benefits of Trauma Resolution

  • Desensitizing the client to the traumatic event
  • Renouncing addiction by resolving the trauma that fuels it
  • Transparency and trustworthiness; clients’ identities are protected
  • Resolution of trauma, including those sexual or violent in nature
  • Exploration of sexual traumas to alleviate stigma
  • Clients move from a victim to a survivor mentality
  • Allows open reflection, peer support, and promotes healing
  • 24-hour support and peer support, as well as access to resources and services
  • Working in a safe and controlled environment
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