Catering to the Needs of Each Individual

As specialists in treating alcoholism and drug addiction, we
realize that these diseases are unique to the individual, and not
everyone needs the same level of care. For this reason, we offer
several options to accommodate the needs of all of our clients.


Are families included in the treatment process?
Yes, families are strongly encouraged to be involved in all steps of process. There is also a concentrated weekend program, along with weekly family calls. Insight from the families of our clients is incorporated into… [...]
Is your program accredited?
Yes, we are licensed by Florida Department of Children and Families and are accredited by and exceed the standards set forth by the Joint Commission Accredited Health Organization (JACHO), which is the gold standard of… [...]
How do I pay for treatment?
This depends on your individual situation. Please call to speak with one of our admissions counselors, available 24/7, who can go over your options with you. [...]