Long Term Treatment at Foundations

Foundations Wellness Center operates as a long-term care facility, which means we offer much more than the traditional 30 days of inpatient-style (partial hospitalization) treatment. Long term treatment at our facility includes additional transitional phases to encourage long-term sustained sobriety.

Treatment at the outpatient level (intensive and normal) can last anywhere from an additional 30 to 90 days. Thus, adding the 30 days of inpatient-style treatment, the total scope of treatment can last 120 days, or even more in some cases. Moreover, once clients finalize their treatment, they are encouraged to enter our alumni program – it’s free of charge. Our alumni program includes services such as weekly meetings, social events, a 24-hour helpline, and more.

"During our alumni program, which is free of charge, clients maintain connection and activity with a recovery community at our facility."

Alumni Program

Clients who successfully complete a program for substance abuse have every reason to celebrate. Yet, aftercare is extremely important in sustained recovery. This is where our alumni program comes into play. It is a vital part of our program where we offer our clients the necessary support to thrive in early recovery and beyond.

During our alumni program, which is free of charge, clients maintain connection and activity with a recovery community at our facility. By forming a closely linked network, former graduates and other like-minded individuals can empower each other to stay on the path toward healthy recovery.

We organize weekly alumni meetings as well as exciting monthly events designed to provide support but also to show that fun is possible in recovery. Foundations Wellness also offers aid and useful information on our alumni social media page, as well as real-time support through our 24-hour helpline.

Alumni directors are in charge of planning sober events for members. As part of the aftercare, they also keep in touch with our clients via email, text or phone to check they are on the right track.

Our goal here at Foundations Wellness Center is to be with clients every step of the way through their recovery. We strongly encourage clients to attend our rehab alumni program.

Alumni Program

"These events are a great way to meet people in the community and create enduring friendships while enjoying exciting, sober events."

Alumni Program Services

  • Weekly Alumni Meetings: Our alumni gather to share stories and provide support for one another on a weekly basis. This meeting is great for newcomers who want to know, for example, how a recent Foundations graduate achieved their sobriety. Food and drinks are provided.
  • Monthly Social Events: These events are a great way to meet people in the community and create enduring friendships while enjoying exciting, sober events. Monthly gatherings are organized in a safe environment among new and former graduates.
  • 24 Hour Helpline: Our dedicated staff members are available 24 hours a day for our alumni. This continued care ensures every client receives support for any struggle they may come across in early sobriety and beyond.
  • Social Media Network: We post upcoming events and other useful information on social networks. Notifications are just one click (or tap) away.
  • Reintegration Aid: To make sure our clients find work upon completion of our program, we can help them build a proper resume. We can also provide resources for 12 step meetings and faith-based meetings in the area where clients will continue their aftercare.
Foundations Programs

Benefits of Long Term Treatment

  • Includes additional transitional phases to encourage long-term sobriety
  • Partial Hospitalization is recommended for patients who require a more comprehensive treatment
  • Intensive Outpatient is designed for those who have completed our Partial Hospitalization program
  • Outpatient Program serves as a step down program for patients who have completed the partial hospitalization program or the intensive outpatient program
  • The total scope of treatment can last 120 days or more to ensure patients are ready to return to a sober life
  • Clients see a therapist for individual sessions and maintain accountability to the treatment program
  • Clients can enter our alumni program at the end of their treatment
  • 24-hour helpline and peer support


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