Florida MAT Opioid Treatment Program

The opioid epidemic is still prevalent in the U.S. today. Nearly 47,000 people died from opioid overdose in 2018 – more than 128 people a day, according to the CDC. Numerous scientific studies have shown that MAT, or medication assisted treatment, can save the lives of those addicted to opioids. MAT combines evidence-based addiction treatment with FDA-approved medication to achieve the best outcome possible.

Medications administered through a MAT program:

  • Improve withdrawal symptoms
  • Block the euphoric effects of opioids
  • Help prevent relapse
  • Enable clients to participate more fully in their treatment program

MAT therapy is not substituting one drug for another. Instead, it is a short-term tool that helps clients overcome the biological process of withdrawal. Unfortunately, this process can overshadow mental capabilities needed to stay clean. Begin your new, healthier life by calling 772-238-7040 for a free, confidential assessment today.

photo-of-woman-in-a-sunflower-field, florida-opioid-mat-treatment-program, Foundations Wellness CenterBenefits of Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT)

– Stops opioid cravings and obsessive thoughts about using
–  Makes the withdrawal process less physically and mentally painful
– Prevents relapse
– Allows clients to focus on their treatment and recovery without the distraction of feeling “dope sick”

Man lifting arms in victory poise at sunset, florida opioid treatment program, Foundations Wellness CenterHow MAT Works

– Begins with a thorough mental & physical assessment by qualified professionals
– An individualized treatment program is created
– MAT therapy is carried out in conjunction with traditional addiction treatment, maximizing effectiveness
– In collaboration with clinical team, clients are slowly tapered off MAT medications via a personalized plan and time frame

Woman with thumbs up standing on outdoor bridge, Florida MAT opioid program, Foundations Wellness CenterGoals of MAT Therapy

– Move clients through the withdrawal period as safely and comfortably as possible
– Discover the underlying factors that led to addiction
– Identify and treat mental health conditions, if present
– Develop tools to withstand life’s stressors and challenges without turning to drugs
– Allow clients to establish a firm foundation for rebuilding their lives, free from opioids

MAT Treatment Myths Busted

Justin Baksh, drug rehab Florida, alcohol rehab

JUSTIN BAKSH, LMHC, MCAP, Chief Clinical Officer, Foundations Wellness Center

Myths about MAT therapy abound. The truth is, when done right, MAT treatment works. It’s the best strategy we have to win the war on opioids. Many clinical studies published in peer-reviewed, scientific journals have shown that MAT treatment, when combined with clinical and psychological treatment, is the most effective weapon we have against opioid addiction. Our Chief Clinical Officer, Justin Baksh, LMHC, MCAP weighs in on MAT:

“There is a misconception that MAT treatment alone is all you need to overcome addiction. That couldn’t be more wrong. Addiction is a disease that has clinical, medical and psychiatric underpinnings. All of these aspects need to be addressed via a collaborative approach in order for addicts to truly have a chance to recover. For example, there is often childhood trauma or a mental health condition such as depression or anxiety that drives people to addiction. These underlying factors need to be addressed. If not, the addict will return to what they know… their drug of choice. This is why MAT is simply one tool in our arsenal. It allows clients to obtain a biological and mental state in which qualified professionals can access and address the core issues.”

Our Medication Assisted Treatment Program Offers:

      • Evidence-based addiction treatment
      • Sober lifestyle support
      • Relapse prevention strategies
      • Tools for approaching recovery from a fresh perspective
      • Relationship rebuilding skills
      • Communication improvement techniques
      • Development of healthy coping skills
      • Constructive conflict resolution methods
      • Ongoing addiction recovery support through our alumni program

Enjoy lasting recovery with our MAT program near you.
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Each client receives the individualized attention they deserve at Foundations Wellness Center. Innovative, compassionate, and quality care for those struggling with addiction and their families is our specialty. Here, clients will find a caring team of qualified addiction professionals who understand – many of them, firsthand – exactly what they are going through. We create a safe, accepting environment where clients are able to release any shame or guilt they may carry about addiction or relapse. Our comprehensive, specialized treatment plans are always evidence-based to effectively treat substance use disorder, and our mission is to help you or your loved one achieve lifetime, sustainable recovery.

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