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Help My Loved One, Please

Love hurts. But watching the person you care about waste away to drugs or alcohol is excruciating. Maybe you’ve already tried to have “the conversation,” but he or she won’t listen. Perhaps you’re ready to mention your concern but are afraid of how they will respond.

When They Hurt, You Hurt

We know of parents wanting to help their adult child stop using drugs or alcohol. We see people losing sleep over the fact that their mother or father can’t stop abusing prescription medications. We speak with spouses and partners who have loved ones making their household unbearable. These are just some of the situations we deal with every day.

If you’ve found your way here, we know you have a story of your own. Someone you care about has lost self-control to drug or alcohol addiction. Their behavior can make you feel trapped, and quickly running out of options.

As much as you’d like to take their pain away, whatever the cause is, you can’t. However, waiting for the bottom to drop isn’t a risk you’re comfortable with. You know life cannot continue to go on this way.

Stop Using Drugs and Alcohol

Addiction Help for Them, Resolve for the Family

There’s no reason for you to shoulder this burden alone. We are here to help. Addiction goes beyond your loved one who is using. Their suffering affects you and other family members more than you may realize.

This is why our programs focus on many aspects of emotional and mental well being for you, and them. There is no cookie-cutter solution. People are multi-dimensional, and the right treatment plan should be designed the same way — personalized care with an individualized plan that includes family wellness. But it takes the first step to get started.

Acknowledging the Need for Treatment

Denial is a powerful roadblock to getting help for the treatment of addiction. It allows the one using drugs or alcohol to believe there is still a sense of control over the substance of choice, enabling continued use. But for you and other family members, denial provides you the breathing room to emotionally survive. With denial, you are able to hold hope close and pray that the addiction will somehow leave on its own. But it doesn’t.

No one expects you and your family to be experts at handling your loved one who is actively using. That’s what we’re here for. In fact, Foundations Wellness Center works with you to move past denial, fear, and other common setbacks that get in the way of effective and productive conversations that deal with how drug or alcohol addiction is affecting your family.

Ask us about the conversation we call intervention, and how it is the pathway to getting your loved one into treatment and recovery.

Identifying the Root of the Problem

Prescription drug dependency, alcoholism, and illicit drug abuse all come with an element of secrecy. If your loved one is using, there may be more than one drug of choice involved, although you may not know it. Substance abuse will also often mask mental health conditions, or even create them.

Foundations Wellness Center has a team of medical and holistic practitioners who work together to review and assess your loved one upon admission into our treatment programs. Through a comprehensive analysis that reveals the current state of health, we can identify mental, emotional, and physical issues that need attention and design the best course of action to addiction recovery.

We will investigate the past and its pain points where the reasons and the triggers to use may have started. Our behavioral health experts offer Trauma Resolution as a safe passage through those difficult times. Should your loved one have a desire or need to reconnect with personal faith, in the manner that brings comfort best, we can integrate Faith-Based programs into addiction recovery.

Pinpointing the Long Term Recovery Solution

Discovering the right kind of treatment program for your loved one is a balance of assessing the individual’s needs, being cognizant of any lifestyle preferences, and considering current financial means. To better serve your loved one and your family, we offer varying levels of care to ensure long term recovery success:

It Takes a Village… To Stay Sober

Know that while you’ve spent many a time worrying about your loved one, there are countless others across Florida and throughout the United States that do the same over their loved ones.

A strong part of maintaining sobriety is the network of people who have endured the road to recovery and live it well, available through the ongoing outreach of the Foundations Wellness Center Alumni program.

As a family member of someone who survives the disease of addiction, and thrives in spite of it, we welcome you into a larger community of compassionate caregivers and former clients who can offer their stories as anecdotes of hope and inspiration to others. You’ll find them in our public resources section, in our before and after rehab stories, and shared on our blog as well as on social channels.

Rebuilding Families One Day at a Time with our Family Wellness Program

Family is the glue that holds people together in harmony, no matter what life may bring. We know how important family is to the success of every person who wants to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. In fact, family is often at the forefront of how we solidify successful outcomes during treatment as well as beyond our doors.

We invite each family member of our clients to be a part of our Family Wellness program. It helps in understanding the addictive process, learning how to forgive yourself and your loved one, and allowing the family to heal, individually and collectively. Together, you can enjoy life the way you did before addiction took hold, and achieve the happiness you long for.

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