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I’m Struggling, Help Me

There are no two words that speak more from your core when
struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism than, Help me.

We Help You Help Yourself

Help me is a statement of being.
Help me is an acknowledgement that something is wrong.
Help me is a plea for nonjudgment.
Help me is a window of opportunity to make all that’s wrong, right.

It’s easy to get lost in the world of drug dependency. It can feel like a constant freefall. All that you once held dear fades into the distance. Friends, family, coworkers, career, hobbies, school, hopes, and dreams vanish. And the only thing that matters is feeding the craving.

Help me is the most powerful and profound phrase you could ever say. And we’re glad you did. Foundations Wellness Center embraces each person ready to own their addiction and accept the need for help, with a plan to move toward recovery.

Individualized Substance Abuse Treatment to Call Your Own

Uncovering the reasons and root causes for addictive behaviors provides a wealth of knowledge in determining the best approach and treatment protocols to take along the journey towards recovery. It’s a road we don’t take lightly, and want to do all we can to ensure you have the tools, techniques, and teachings for success.

What might be beneficial to you may not work for someone else. That’s okay. When we work with you, we do just that… work with you. Your addiction treatment program is personal. We value you as an individual and formulate a treatment plan catered just to your needs.

Progressive Addiction Recovery Programs

Foundations Wellness Center believes that addiction treatment works best when it fits into the flow of your life. What’s comfortable for one person may not be for another. That’s why we’ve created program options to meet you exactly where you are. If you need more attentive, medically-supervised care, we recommend Partial Hospitalization. If you need the freedom to continue with school or career, an Outpatient program might be the right fit. Intensive Outpatient (IOP) brings the best of both worlds, while Long-Term Treatment adds an extended foundation that supports lifelong recovery.

Sobriety by Example

Many of our licensed treatment professionals and administrative staff have been in the place you find yourself today: Fearful, tired, and wanting a way out and into a better life. They serve as reminders that you, too, can do what they’ve done. Have faith. Find hope. And work toward positive change.

Private, Calm Surroundings Geared Toward Greater Healing

The warmth of the sun and coolness of the ocean breezes are therapeutic, known to do wonders for the mind, body, and soul. Our facility is located on the central Florida coast, with all the advantages of a coastal location that you’d imagine. It’s the perfect oasis to restore from the past and revitalize for the future.

Holistic Treatment by Nature

From recreational activities like kayaking and snorkeling to mindfulness practices such as yoga and meditation, we bring the basic enjoyments of life into the fold, creating a more well-rounded and synergistic program. Once you discover what resonates with you, these fitness outlets and relaxation techniques can be adopted into your life after treatment is completed.

Putting Recovery Into Practice

Throughout your addiction treatment, we’ll provide you the motivation, inspiration and skills needed to survive the challenges of everyday life, avoid setbacks, minimize the impact of negativity, and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Guiding Others from Your Success

Once you’ve grown accustomed to following your program and feel a newfound confidence, you’re ready to experience day-to-day living outside of treatment. As a Foundations Wellness graduate, you’ll have a deeper appreciation for this freedom from substance abuse. In addition, you’ll be an integral part of our alumni community. We value your opinion of our program and want you to be a contributor, helping others who, like you, are working toward recovery, one day at a time.

Consider the following options to start your custom, addiction treatment program:

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