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Addiction Help for My Client in Florida

People can be confronted with drug and alcohol addiction in unforeseen circumstances, because it shows up in the moments of our every day lives. Many of the clients we treat at Foundations Wellness Center were referred here by others, like yourself, who noticed something with their clients wasn’t right. If you hear yourself asking for someone to help your clients overcome their cravings, your search ends here.

Leave Addiction Treatment to the Experts

We know you already have a heartfelt interest in the welfare of your client. Your affiliation may be healthcare or work related, and, although your intentions are well-meaning, the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction is not something that may not be well known to you.

In fact, many licensed professionals and medical practitioners seek our help with their clients, patients, and peers for recovery from chemical dependencies.

Here’s why.

The Disease of Addiction Has High Rates of Recidivism

Some medical conditions are curable, while others can merely be managed. Addictive behaviors are some of the most difficult to treat, because their origin can be a single traumatic event or a multitude of factors, including:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Environmental
  • Co-occurring disorder (mental illness)
  • Trauma
  • Accident or Injury

No matter the origin of the ill-behaviors, addiction and the need for continued use have easily accessible fuel to feed its fire. For those with Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), media impressions on the internet and television can remind them of their thirst for the next cocktail. An upcoming family event, celebration, or funeral can give cause for just one drink that leads to 10.

Perhaps you are a family doctor and are struggling with effectively treating pain in an older patient who cannot be prescribed pain meds any longer and you fear he or she may turn to pills on the black market or heroin. There are no surprises here, because we’ve seen it all.

Who We Help

Many of our referring partners specialize in business outside the confines of the healthcare system. Foundations Wellness Center works with many small-to-midsize businesses needing help with their employees who have substance abuse issues.

We also work with public entities such as government agencies and unions to help their staff remain healthy and whole through sobriety. Our clientele has also included high-profile individuals such as business management firms who represent business owners, executives, socialites, athletes and the like, who need treatment for drug dependency and alcoholism.

Trust and anonymity are vital to our collaborative success, which you and your client will find here.

Our Referring Partners Include:

  • Hospitals
  • Family physicians and nurse practitioners
  • Private therapists
  • Foundations Wellness Alumni
  • Lawyers
  • Mental health professionals
  • Social workers
  • Health clinics
  • Business owners
  • Human resources directors
  • Court systems
  • Insurance providers

For Better Long Term Recovery Outcomes

To facilitate the need and acceptance of treatment for drug and alcohol abuse for your client, we offer many types of treatment options. This allows us to more accurately meet your client in a place that brings an element of comfort while providing effective treatment methodologies.

During the initial phase of treatment, known as the detox process, it can be arduous. Although this aspect of the program will typically run from two to seven days in total, statistically speaking, it can come with a 90 percent rate of relapse. The high instance of relapse is especially prevalent when detox is attempted without medically-licensed and supervised care from addiction industry experts.

Everyone facing debilitating drug dependency deserves the benefits of long-term recovery and peace of mind. Together, we can provide what you want for your clients, a way to experience a better life.

Focus On What You Do Best

Once you entrust our team of skilled addiction treatment staff with your clients, we will keep you updated on their progress throughout their time in the program.

If we are working with you in other aspects of their care, we can design a schedule for treatment that doesn’t hamper the good of what you’ve done thus far, but enhance it. This way, when your clients have completed their customized drug or alcohol addiction treatment and are ready to reintegrate into their client relationship with you, the positive progress you’ll enjoy will be that much greater.

By partnering with Foundations Wellness Center, you don’t have to experience unnecessary setbacks or delays in your commitment to serve your clients best. We take on what we know well, addiction treatment, allowing you the time, energy, and focus to do what you do best.

Referring partner relationships help your clients, your business, and addiction treatment outcomes exponentially.

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